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~ Ten reasons why we have to reject The Venus Project ~

The Venus Flytrap



Chapter 1. Because The Venus Project is the most dogmatic ideology nowadays.

Chapter 2. Because The Venus Project is trying to renovate people.

Chapter 3. Because The Venus Project is based on guesses and bluffs.

Chapter 4. Because The Venus Project believes in autocracy.

Chapter 5. Because it removes our freedom of choice.

Chapter 6. Because it is simplifying too many things.

Chapter 7. Because if it fails, the cost would be massive.

Chapter 8. Because it is exactly a utopian engineering predicted by Karl Popper.

Chapter 9. Because it is not based on a scientific method, and not even based on a science.

Chapter 10. Because we have better alternatives already.


Appendix A. About Economics

Appendix B. About Current Crisis

Appendix C. About FED

Appendix D. About Impossibility of Self-purification

Appendix E. About Cities

Closing Remark. Correct alternative is born from correct knowledge.


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